Various Cases of Cultivating Curves

Users divided into 2 groups by the Need/Interests of Adoptees


RB =  AG + PG

RB: Degree of Response Behavior 反應行為人數程度

fp(x) : AG: Active Adopters' Group 主動反應群體

fq(x): PG: Passive Adopters' Group 被動反應群體

RB = fp(x) + fq(x) , and


Producing a Sech-like Curve

「類 sech 」曲線

SA = IR - SR

SA: Degree of Social Ambience 社會氛圍作用

IR: Innovation Resource/Force 創新資源/能量程度

SR: Stabilization Resource/Force 維持資源/能量程度


Then, Cultivating a Tanh-like Curve of Adoption Behavior

  • A = RB * SA


Case 1: General Response Behavior, General Social Ambience

Case 2: General Response Behavior with Strong Social Ambience

Case 3: Low Response Behavior with General Social Ambience

Case 4: Multiple Generations/Peaks of Users

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