TX Adoption Modeling Epistemology and Methodology
TX 取用行為模式建構知識論與方法論

Adoption is the Fundamental of Human's Behaviors

TX Adoption's Epistemology of Theory Development


  • Cultivating a Tanh-like Curve

  • A = RB * SA

    • A: Growth of Adoption Behavior 取用行為趨勢成長函數 

    • RB: Degree of Response Behavior 反應行為人數程度函數

    • SA: Degree of Social Ambience 社會氛圍作用程度函數 

  • Adoption Behavior

    • Individual factors: core independent variables

    • Social factors: growth speed

    • Adoptee factors: interior distribution of individual

  • Individual Factors

    • Active Users vs. Passive Users

    • For Yes/ No Adoptee:

      Adoption Motivation " Adoption

    • For Competing Adoptees:

      Adoption Motivation, Ideology " Adoption

  • Social Factors

    • Media coverage  " Cultivation Effect to Socail Belef

  • Adoptee Factors

    • Deciding an interactive distribution to human's Adoption Motivation

  • Nature of the Adoption Motivation

    • Need, Interests with Rational Choice

TX Adoption's Methodology of Analysis Techniques

  • Identifying Users and Purifying Measurement

  • Estimating User Numbers

  • Modeling: Mathematic and Graphical Demos of "The 3rd Quantitative Methodology"

  • Findings

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