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What is a Delphi Survey?

A Delphi is a 'Group Decision Making' Process.
It is a structured group interaction process that is directed in "rounds" of opinion collection and feedback. Opinion collection is achieved by conducting a series of surveys using questionnaires. The result of each survey will be presented to the group and the questionnaire used in the next round is built upon the result of the previous round2.

Why use Delphi Survey?

Since AWC is a very new research approach, and theories derived from empirical data may have different views, it will be useful to obtain interactive judgment and identify important issues in the field.
Adoption is also a complex field and relevant topics on its origin are innovation diffusion, communication research, management sciences, political sciences, cybercitizen research, and so on. One of the strengths of Delphi method is the ability to gather opinions from experts from diverse backgrounds.
By conducting a Delphi survey via a web server, participants from all over the world can give their responses anywhere, anytime with affordable cost.