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Sean Tung-Xiung Wu

Visiting Fulbright Scholar

Sean Wu

Contact Information

Email: Campus Phone: 404-385-7308
Office Location: Groseclose 0205, Room 338
Host: Dr. David Goldsman
Dates of Visit: 2005-09-01 to 2006-01-31
Personal Homepage:


Sean Tung-Xiung Wu's focus is on the interdisciplinary and initiative studies that endeavor to integrate sciences, information systems and human behaviors. He has investigated general theories on "How Humans Make Their Selections". They are two longitudinal research series: Internet Users' Behavior and Voters' Behavior that found his research scope.

Wu developed a forecast model for internet users' growth and a "Digit Divide" model to explain the impact of the launch of the internet. The model has reached a satisfactory estimation for the last decade. He also suggested a hybrid model, both quantitative and qualitative, to predict voters' decisions in nation-wide elections. This model has accomplished very successful results for more than 20 years in Taiwan. Wu attempted to extract some common factors that influence the selection processes when adopting new technology or choosing politicians.

Since behavioral research results vary by their methodology, Wu is devoted to the innovation of these methodologies and developed the Survey Knowledge Management System (SKMS) to ensure data quality of survey research that is the most popular data gathering method in behavioral sciences.

Wu also has directed a web-based learning community and designed an aesthetic engineering process for the production and management of digital/web-based media.

Wu was the founding chair of the Department of Information Management at Shih Hsin University. He also served many years as a Chief Executive in business and industry before his academic career.

Apart from his scientific efforts, he is also a writer, composer, TV host, and producer in his own right. He has been laurelled with the Golden Triple Award (as Pulitzer Prize in USA) for introducing statistics to public services and has received other honors.

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