Westgate robbers this little girl

Westgate robs this little girl and threatens to put her into jail!

Westgate took my money, robbed what I had paid for and threatened to put my little girl into jail because I was a foreign visitor.

Please listen to the protest song and see the victim.

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My name is Sean Wu, a foreign Visiting Professor in USA. I paid the Westgate Vacation Villas for a Disney World package and got fraud, discrimination and threats.

The scenario revealed I am not the first victim, but I want to be the last one. 

I found Westgate's promotion when I planned a vacation at Orlando to celebrate my wife's birthday. I called and asked "It looks too good to be true. I am wondering if there is any restriction." "No! Not at all" the salespersons told me "Except you have to attend a tour of our timeshare presentation. It takes 90 minutes." I wanted to know what is timeshare so I bought their "3 nights hotel and 2 parks package" with $137.14. 

Nov. 2nd 2005, my wife's birthday, she, my baby daughter and I went to Westgate and listened to a saleslady Anke Lambe's presentation for an hour. Then there came the sales manager Ben Alvarez(?) and he asked me "Can you make decision to purchase one unit today?" I told him I would like to think about it but I really could not buy one right away.

Ben took out a piece of paper with a title of "Tour Dismissal" and wrote a reason:

"Language Barrier" and asked me to sign it."

(What he did not know is I am a Ph.D., currently a Federal Scholar at the Georgia Tech and had taught a State University in Michigan; while my wife is working for a famous American Company and her major is English.)

"Does it mean anything?" I was curious.

"No! No!" Ben laughed "Absolutely doesn't mean anything!"

"Why do I have to sign it?" I asked.

"It will save your time; you do not have to spend another 30 minutes to do the tour. You sign it and bring the copy to the Welcome Center (at another building) to pick up your package." Ben explained with smile.

"It is great." I said to my wife and signed it. 

When I handed the note to the front desk of Welcome Center, the clerk told me this note meant I agreed I was not qualified to pick up the package.

I thought there must be some misunderstandings, so I went back to the hall and asked for Ben. After a long while, Ben came out, told me to give the note back to him and to follow him. I assumed he was going to the Welcome Center with me.

When we walked through an empty place, Ben turned around. His face became long and cold.

"You already signed the paper; I am not going to give you anything. You have to leave right now!"

"What!" I was astonished "You lied to me."

I required refund. He refused and said "Leave, now! Or I will call security to force you to leave." 

I ran back to the hall and requested to see Ben's supervisor. An employee agreed to call the upper management; however, there came two securities.

A very tall, strong security told me: "Follow me to the small room; I will not beat you up!"

"No sir!" I replied. "I will stay in public."

Afterwards, two deputy sheriffs appeared. Ben told the deputy I was trespassing and blah blah before I let him know the whole story. The deputy asked Ben to give him the note and handed to me after he read it.

Now I got the evidence back.

"Do I look I have language barrier to you, sir?" I enquired.

"No.」 the deputy answered.

I asked him to be my witness. He agreed and gave me his name card.

However, he told me he could arrest me if Ben insisted.

"We don't mind to put you and your wife into jail," the security said aside,

"But we will be very sorry to put your 4-year old daughter into jail!"

I was frightened and left. 

Since I had already checked in the hotel, I called Westgate's reservation to complain. In the first place they said the hotel was also canceled. After a long negotiation and the representative talked to her supervisor, they agreed I could stay with no more charges.

However, I have never received the two-park's tickets.

"Do I sound I have language barrier to you, ma'am?" I asked the representative.

"No.」 she answered. 

When I told this story to my friend Prof. G. of GT, he made a call to Westgate as gallantry. Westgate forged a bigger lie for him that I threatened to "blow up the Welcome Center". Their strategy was to discredit my name as terrorist instead of any remorse. It made me determine that I have to pursue the justice.

It could be more convincing if Westgate made up that I would sing a protest song in their Welcome Center instead of exploding it. Eventually I did write a song. I am peaceful but determinant. 

Westgate's manager Ben Alvarez(?) took my money and stole what I had already paid for.

He lied to me twice in one morning and cheated me to sign an untrue document.

"Language Barrier" is an extremely vicious excuse that will make foreign tourists consider it is their bad to lose the package.

$137 is a very tricky amount that most of foreign tourists will give up to fight for.

Even if "Language Barrier" were true; it is a definitely inappropriate and illegal insult of discrimination. Ben wanted to take advantage that the foreigners are not capable to defend themselves in communication skills.

The most incredible part is I went to a store, paid the money and met the threat that I and my family will be put into jail.

Westgate, are you ready for this foreign tourists' "Language"? 

Evidences and Witnesses: who, what and contact info

Recordings: Recorded by Hotelscorp.com when I asked for info and made my reservation on Oct. 21, 2005.

Ben Alvarez(?): The Westgate guy who lied to me, robbed my money and threatened my family.

Anke Lambe: The saleslady was present when Ben lied to and robbed me.

Omar: The clerk gentleman who told me the note was actually a waiver instead of a certificate for the pick up.

Jerry Weiland: The deputy sheriff who knew the 2nd half of this story.

Two securities: I did not really blame them. The scenario showed it was Westgate and Ben behind them.

Heather: The representative of Hotelscorp. She received my complaint and was the only one had a sense of responsibility of Westgate.

Dr. Dave G: A Prof. of GT. : Please contact with me if you need his information.

Contact Info Available upon Help and Legal Request

**Some of the above people have to be considered as hostile witness. However, I still want to believe human nature is honest. 

PS. American Justice and related links

I am also a writer and composer and I have recently published two articles concerning Ms. Rosa Parks and Mr. Tom DeLay to introduce American justice for the China Times that is the most circulating newspaper in Taiwan.

I did not expect I would also be in search of American justice.

American Human Right: Rosa Parks : http://tx.shu.edu.tw/TxFB/Essay/中國時報/J解放者與被解放者.htm

American Independent Justice: Tom DeLay: http://tx.shu.edu.tw/TxFB/Essay/中國時報/D大鎯頭敲出的分隔線.htm

Westgate threatened my daughter and my family.

The Victim of Westgate

The Protest Song against Westgate.

Listen to the Protest Song

Download this Protest Song in MP3

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