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Based on the story of "Journey to the West"



"Gold Peach" Web Community focuses on "Parental-Child Web Education" and "Digital Learning Activities" and creates a Learning Web Community Platform by Wiki solution and game environment.  "Gold Peach Platform" develops five functions: Web Assisted Teaching and Online Examination, Resource Navigation and Problem Solving, Online Counseling and Collaborative Learning, and Training for Seed Teachers and Parents which also organizes a substantial "Parental-Child Digital Learning Theater". "Gold Peach" provides an interdisciplinary interactive service of Web Community, Learning Website, Multimedia Educational Game,  Curriculum Design Database and Knowledge Management.

Gold Peach's Visual Environment

 and User Interface

Gold Peach is a magic fruit from the garden of the Queen Mother of the West that based on Chinese ancient mythology. One after eating a Gold Peach will be immortal and gains the super capability to ride on cloud and drive through the world. This Chinese classic scientific fiction has forecasted the development of worldwide web.

Journey to the West

Brief Research Report of Gold Peach

This series research attempted to develop an interactive platform concerned with web community learning for children and to design a quasi-experiment to understand the usersᦠlearning behavior. The series was conducted from 1996 to now. Five generations of web-human interaction and user interfaces have been developed and tested.

We found the "Web community model" was a better design for web-based learning. The internet culture was an essential factor to consider in terms of the idea of "software internationalization". Though we did not find a clear difference of learning achievement between users and non-users, we suggested that the concept of cultivation, which has a long tradition, deserved a new look.

Keywords: Web-Based Learning, Interactive Learning Environments, Web Community, Culture and Cultivation

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