Automated Documents










Setup text1, text2, T1 etc. Use different fonts from the previous exercise.

dtp advanced automation

Bullet Style

Setup 2 styles: Talk and Note

dtp advanced automation

Auto Numbering Title

Setup N1.

dtp advanced automation

Setup N2 for questions' auto numbering style.

You may setup the alignment and indent to 0 cm.

Must link the the level to the specific style i.e. N2.

dtp advanced automation

Setup N3 for answers' auto numbering style.

dtp advanced automation

Auto Cross-reference


For screen questions.

Delete the manual numbers then insert the cross-references. Do not use <mark + replace > that may cause problems.

Select all + press <F9> to refresh the cross-references after you modify them.

dtp advanced automation

Auto Keywords


Setup an AutoText and give it a name such as Key1.

dtp advanced automation

Insert a functional variable and choose AutoText as the variable. Select 'Key1' from the AutoText list.

dtp advanced automation

Change the content of Key1.

dtp advanced automation

Use right click to update a specific variable.

Or, select all + press <F9> to update the whole document.

dtp advanced automation

Setup Header and Footer

Render a template

Template Management

>Tools >Templates >Alt O

Merge Styles

Attach to another Template

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