Overview and Technology_Technique Change in Digital Publishing

Dos Mode vs. WD mode /Text Mode vs. Graphic Mode



WD模式: 以圖片、段,作為設計單元的概念。

DOS Mode: The basic elements of editing are text, character, and line.

Windows Mode: The basic element of editing is graphic.

WP vs. DTP/ Personal Doc. vs. Workgroup Auto Doc.



Word Processing (WP): Writing software that allows the computer to resemble and enhance a typewriter for personal uses.

Desktop Publishing (DTP): Using a desktop computer to produce high-quality documents including text, graphic, and emerging multimedia objects.

As word-processing programs become more and more powerful, the line separating such programs from desktop publishing systems is becoming blurred.

The difference between WP and DTP is the output more than the software itself.

Personal Document: The writer prepares the document alone.

Workgroup Automated Document: A group of writers accomplishes a large-scaled document under a specific style that supported by automated techniques and template.

Inline Editing vs. Template and Control Document Editing

Inline Editing: Using the tool bars edits pages.

Template and Control Documents Editing: Using an attached user defined template to edit pages. All articles are under a main Control Document.

noteProblems and confusing results from the innocence of the 2 methods above.

Teaching Software vs. Teaching Editing/ Dogmatism vs. Problem Solving


Teaching Software: Show you how to use the tool bars.

Teaching Editing: Bring you the concepts of editing and a problem to solve.

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