Animation, Video, Audio, Interactivity

The origin of multimedia was slide show. As the IT development, it includes text, image, music, animation, video and interactivity.


Nowadays, most of content sites are likely to be multimedia site, however, the rights of the intellectual properties have already become a very serious and restrictive legal issue.

warning Warning: All students must take the responsibility of the copyrights of the multimedia that have been used in their works.

A message, as follows or "Creative Commons", must be included in the announcement of their works.


Animation 卡通‧動畫

The word of animation used to be the same as movie. However, it likely became to indicate the motion pictures are produced and edited by pieces of art works, while video will be the motion pictures that are gathered by shooting or recording machines.

Animated Graphic

Further Discussion: Story Board

Advanced: Convert data into visual presentation

CSS3 動畫

CSS3 可以作相當於簡報等級的動畫。

不過,針對不同的瀏覽器,可能必須增寫該瀏覽器的 webkit。

CSS3 Transitions CSS3 Transitions 

Video 視訊‧影片‧微電影

Video used to be prepared by analogue technology, however, the trend is digital technology for now.

Reading List of Video

Video Design and Storyboard

Video Task Unit

Video Equipment /Accessories

Video Post Production

    File Convert

     Real Time Broadcast 

Audio 音樂‧音效‧音訊

Audio is a very unique medium with special requirements of interests, perspectives, talents and  interdisciplinary knowledge.

Since the constraint of time, we do not have enough time to teach the production of audio, students may have difficulty to prepare their audio and musical elements.

I, Sean TX Wu, hereby authorize my students to use my digital music for their works of the assignments of this course.

The authorized list is at the following:

Background Audio 背景音樂設計


note Expression Web/SharePoint 使用微軟編輯器

You may add background music, sound effects by right click.

>Page Properties


note Coding 使用程式寫作

You may use the following command for inline audio snippets:

<bgsound src="sounds/file.mp3" loop="-1">


can be inside any nonempty <body>

file: could be any audio file

loop: default is 1, -1= infinite

Embedded Audio 嵌入音樂設計 

Playlist 播放清單設計

Special Topics in Digital Music Zone 數位音樂特區

We have a specific part to discuss audio, music and MIDI.

TX advanced topicsInterconnectivity/ Database 網路互動/資料庫應用

Database Concept

Database Design

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