IIS 的部署與測試

什麼是 IIS

IIS(Internet Information Server)是微軟伺服器 Windows Server 上,管理各種電腦網路服務的整合介面。而個人電腦在XP之後,也可選擇安裝IIS,目前版本為 IIS 7.x

一般常見的網路服務,如:Web(網站/網頁)、FTP(檔案傳輸)、SMTP(電子郵件)和NNTP(網路新聞)…等,都是經由IIS 部署與管理。 

IIS也支援『ASP』(Active Server Pages)、Java技術,整合Message Queue能夠在網路上可靠的寄送或傳送訊息,建立事件導向的應用程式。

網站部署與 IIS基礎應用

在建立網站之前,必須先經由 IIS在伺服器上指定網站基地的空間、名稱與功能,這就是網站部署, IIS 相關的基礎應用如下。





*Warning: Notice the product family and the version, avoid an old version replace a new version.

Exercise 1. Create a homepage

Type 'localhost' as the URL and view the default homepage

You may copy this page and paste it to C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\

Rename the file into 'index.htm' or 'default.htm'

Exercise 2. Checking IIS

(The IIS must have been checked during the installation of Windows)

>Control Panel >System Management Tools >Computer Management


Right click <default web>


    >Main directory

    >Document: move .htm to the top

You may find PWS for the versions previous to Windows 98 at 'Tool Page'

Exercise 3. Testing server

Type 'localhost' as the URL and view this page as the homepage

>Start>Setting>Control panel



Type 'hostname' as the URL and view this page as the homepage

Exercise 4. Using hyperlinks- a simple approach

Open the above index.htm by Word

Create a couple of documents.

    Save a virtual title and a physical filename.

Organize these documents.

    Create text and icon links.

    Create mailto:txwu@ntu.edu.tw link.

TxAdvanced IIS 進階

在個人電腦上部署IIS,是作為學習與測試,真正的IIS應用,應在伺服器上,請參專文:遠端管理-伺服器 IIS 管理

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