Transitions, Special Effects, Title, Subtitle

Movie Maker 2.1 實作

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I used to use Premier (in USA) and Power Director (in Taiwan) until the launch of free Movie Maker that is more convenient for teaching and produce popular .wmv files.

There are also advantages of .swf and .flv files. Unfortunately, there is no free software for students yet.

However, you may use converters to render other files.

Previous versionPrevious version for Power Director and Movie Maker 2.0


本項習題是一個「家庭 MV」小朋友成長記錄片的後製。

Click hereDemo: Dancing Swan

Click hereDownload: media files for practice


Version for Movie Maker 2.1 (V5.1)

Movie Maker 應用實作

UI, Files, Length, Editing 介面.檔案.決定長度.剪接編輯UI, Files, Length, Editing 介面.檔案.決定長度.剪接編輯

Transitions 轉場設計

Resolving is always the best transition for general video.




UI, Files, Length, Editing 介面.檔案.決定長度.剪接編輯

Special Effects 特效設計

Do not use too many special effects. This is an example for ending.

特效之所以為「特」,就要少用、慎用。這項 MV 因結尾在鼓聲高潮,從影音配合角度設計,所以只在尾聲作一次特效。

UI, Files, Length, Editing 介面.檔案.決定長度.剪接編輯

Title, Subtitle, Billing 殺青:片頭‧片尾‧字幕

Deliberate your title screen to avoid cliché.

Choose 'Put subtitles on the selected clips', if you have designed an opening.


UI, Files, Length, Editing 介面.檔案.決定長度.剪接編輯

Choose the appearance and performance of titles.

片頭劇名應予強調,所以可用花體字,並配合字幕動畫。這裡考慮劇情為柔美溫馨、表現方式為反白(即透明效果)-應用粗體,所以選擇 Bauhaus

Movie Maker

Adjust the position of subtitles.


Movie Maker

Add more subtitles.

The second subtitles do not want to be too fancy.

Consider the coherence of color system, pink is good for this exercise.

Billing If your work is a drama, you may consider more sophisticated design for Billing.

Movie Maker

Save the project to movie file.

存檔時通常存2個檔,專案檔-以備日後有必要時編修,與 WMV檔。

Interactive Web VideoInteractive Web Video 網站互動視訊


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