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Movie Maker 2.1 實作

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Widget: A combination of video and applet.

I used to use Premier (in USA) and Power Director (in Taiwan) until the launch of free Movie Maker that is more convenient for teaching and produce popular .wmv files.

There are also advantages of .swf and .flv files. Unfortunately, there is no free software for students yet.

However, you may use converters to render other files.



本項習題是一個「家庭 MV」小朋友成長記錄片的後製。

Click hereDemo: Dancing Swan

Click hereDownload: media files for practice


Download Movie Maker 下載 Movie Maker

Movie Maker 下載Windows XP 版 2.1 (V5.1):(1)不是獨立檔案,而包裝在Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3)內,如果已啟用Windows Update「自動更新」,則已自動安裝完成,點〈開始〉〈所有程式〉即可看到。(2)如果尚未啟用Windows Update,請看這裡,予以啟用。
Movie Maker 下載Windows 其他版本:下載 Movie Maker

Movie Maker 應用實作

Import 匯入原始檔

Begin with the Set View.

In the bottom area of the window, you may click for time-and-tracks or scripts.


Movie Maker

Import media files.

Movie Maker

Pictures and audio files will be under root set while all video clips will become subsets.

Subsets will appear in the middle window and the player will next to it.


Length 如何決定視訊長度

You have to synchronize the length of all video clips and audio files.

For a short footage, you may decide the length by the audio in order to simplify your work.

For example, the length of this exercise is good for 1:28 min.

因為是 MV,所以以音樂的合適段落長度,作為視訊長度,此處選擇1分28秒,鼓聲高潮後的短樂句結尾,形成終止之感。



Editing 剪接

You have 2 ways to cut the clip, if it is too long.  It is a physical and permanent cut with the button of the player, as red-circled. You are also able to have virtual cuts in the editing track and keep the original clips.

Drag the clips (subsets) to the video track.

An opening may take 15 sec for a short footage. You may want more than 1 script for the opening to improve the feeling of motion.





The original total length of all clips should longer than the final length for the reason to manage the transitions between clips.






Movie Maker

Right click and turn off the audio track of the original video clips, if it is necessary.


Transitions, Special Effects, Title, Subtitle, Billing 轉場.特效.片頭.片尾.字幕Transitions, Special Effects, Title, Subtitle, Billing 轉場.特效.片頭.片尾.字幕

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