Organization of a Project Team

in Digital Creation/ EBook/ Content Websites



Production Segment 製作部門

Vertical Integration 垂直職掌

A project leader must experience all roles in the vertical integration.

It will ensure you are capable to complete a real publishable project and know the key issues and major problem.

With these training, you could even accomplish a small project by yourself .


Job Description

Project Leader / Editor-in-chief

Planning: issue, structure, style; Final review, Publishing order.

Unit Chief

Organize and guide a unit.

Presentation Editor

Visual and audio aided elements design.

Text Editor

Review, Set titles, Page space design.


Research, Gathering materials, Scripts.

Horizontal Integration 平行功能職務

Roles in horizontal integration are optional for large scaled projects. Positions with * are required in a mid sized project.

These roles will deliberate specific functions into depth.


Job Description

*Supervisor of Writers

Assign lines, Set writing forms, Check deadline, Verify, Rewrite, Final scripts .

*Supervisor of Editors/ or UI Director

Assign pages, Set editing rules, Review titles, pages, Integrate pages.

Supervisor of Special Edition

Such as **Supervisor of Features, Supervisor of Forum, Supervisor of Services....

Graphics Director/ Graphics artist

Skillful in still graphics and/or animation.

Video Director/ Video assistant

Skillful in video.

Audio Director/ Audio assistant

Skillful in music, sound effects.

Supervisor of Technology/or Operation

Technology engineer/ System Operator

Support programming, software, hardware./ or In charge manufacturing for other media forms.

Supervisor of Database/

Database engineer

In charge database management and data reuse.

Supervisor of Network/

Network engineer

In charge server management and networking.

*Must in team project.**Suggested for this learning practice.

Media Production Crew 媒材製作組織

If you have a mid sized or a large scaled project and need more sophisticated and complicated media elements such as video or audio clips, you may outsource these talents and works.

However, as a training course, we want to call for our production crew.

This crew could be a mobile, temporary organization for a specific work.

Example: Video Crew

Project Management Tools

Copyrights: Intellectual Property vs. Creative Common



但如果必需使用、或改創他人作品,請必須詳閱「創作著作權的兩面觀:智慧財產權觀 對 創用CC分享觀 Copyrights of Creation: Intellectual Property vs. Creative Commons」一文,並作嚴謹的處理。


Business SegmentBusiness Segment 業務部門


Job Description

Chief Executive Officer, CEO

Final decision for organization, finance, human resource, production.


Capital, investment, budgeting, accounting, cashier.

Human Resource

Recruiting, pay roll control, training, legal issues.


Business planning, market analysis and forecast, making strategy.


Distributing products and maintaining channels .

Account Executive

Managing advertisement and clients.

Value Added Sales Lines

Developing new revenue from e-commerce.

Project Team of Information SystemsFurther Discussion on a Project Team of Information Systems

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